Mother and Child Medical Center welcomed its first cry of a newborn 40 years ago. At that time, the "Papageorgiou and Papapetrou Clinic" was housed in the center of Nicosia, on Stasikratous Street. In those four decades, we have continued to do what we loves, delivering more than 18,000 babies and creating magical moments for new parents and their families. The primary concern of the clinic is the provision of a high level of medical care, in a calm and comfortable environment. A fact that highlighted it at a national level, with its reputation spreading throughout Cyprus for its provision of excellent quality care.

In 2000, the clinic was renamed "Mother and Child Medical Center" and became the largest private maternity clinic in Cyprus, with around 1,000 births per year. True to its vision and values, the Medical Center's well-staffed team, from medical to nursing and other staff, has remained committed to providing the best care and personal attention to its patients.

The Start
The first steps of the "Papageorgiou and Papapetrou Clinic" took place in 1982, on Stasikratous Street in Nicosia, with the provision of outpatient and inpatient care services. Dr. Papageorgiou and Dr. Papapetrou provided specialized Obstetrics & Gynecology services, with the support of anesthesiologist and pediatrician Dr. Boykas Papageorgiou and general practitioner Dr. Uta Papapetrou.

With an emphasis on excellent service and building a relationship of trust with patients, the workload increased rapidly and the partnership proved successful within the very first years.
Following the success, in 1987 the clinic moved to new and specially designed facilities on Penelopis Delta Street, near the former Hilton Hotel. The new clinic was a two-story building with 18 beds, two operating rooms, two delivery rooms, a physiotherapy room, four examination rooms and waiting areas.

The largest Maternity Unit in Cyprus
With continued success, the clinic was expanded by two more floors in 1990, increasing the number of beds from 18 to 34, while a further operating theater was added as well as new examination rooms. In addition, five luxury suites were created on the top floor.

The complete upgrade of the clinic, both in terms of building facilities and medical equipment, came in 2015, with the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment making the space a pioneer in its field. Particular emphasis was placed on the interior decoration of the medical center in a way that gives special sensitivity towards the needs of each woman individually, while the design was completed in a way that makes the facilities functional and healthy. In this direction, spacious spaces were created and innovative materials were used. Elements that make up a safe and human-centered environment not only for patients but also for their families.

Providing Specialized Services
Mother and Child Medical Center offers all the services a woman needs during her pregnancy,
emphasizing safety and quality. At the same time, through the provision of top obstetric services, the medical center ensures that the birth experience is unique, for each mother individually. The aim is to place the woman at the center of her own maternity care and empower her to make her own decisions about how she wishes to deliver her child, always with the aim of providing the highest quality healthcare and safety.

During the patients stay, the staff of the Center supports new parents in learning how to care for and care for their new family member. The choice for "rooming-in" of the newborn is also of great importance. The mother has the support she needs and receives all the necessary and useful information to succeed in a difficult (at first) but at the same time pleasant breastfeeding process. Support for breastfeeding is 24 hours and with respect to the wishes of the mother, while the provision of help and support continues even after she leaves the maternity ward.
Information is also provided on the benefits of exercise during pregnancy and how the pregnant woman can be helped by preparing her body through a series of exercises such as yoga, pilates, dance, etc.

Psychological support is also considered to be of the utmost importance for a new mother, with the scientific team of the "Mother and Child Medical Center" adopting a biopsychosocial lens to understand and handle the difficulties presented, designing specialized interventions that meet the individual needs of pregnant women and patients. Pregnancy is a very important period for expectant mothers. Many times, however, reality differs from the ideal image, as there are intense hormonal changes and transitions on various fronts. For this reason, many couples need emotional and psychological support.

Continuity in tradition, clear vision
Mother and Child Medical Center has established itself as a unique place, with specialized staff, ready to provide high quality care and impeccable service to its patients. Their vision is that expectant mothers and their families always receive the necessary support and safe care they need, on the most beautiful journey of their lives. You will always find the Medical Center next to them, with love, respect and dedication to their needs.