Dr. Shippi graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University with a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology. She trained in non-profit organisations, clinics, and hospitals in Scotland. Dr. Shippi specialised in the treatment of adults and children with chronic and complex psychological and psychiatric conditions. These conditions include and are not limited to chronic pain, complex trauma, personality disorders, eating disorders and long-standing psychological distress.

Dr. Shippi supports her patients by using a bio-psycho-social model in understanding and addressing psychological distress. This is especially important, since the patients of Mother and Child clinic undergo many physical and emotional changes. This model assists Dr. Shippi in considering all elements that influence people’s wellbeing and to develop individually tailored therapy plans that match patients’ unique needs. Treatment plans are always based on current evidence-based research practices.

Dr. Shippi was working in Glasgow, UK until 2018, when she moved to Cyprus. With her return, she became a lecturer of Psychology in a Cypriot University and established her private practice. She joined the clinic as an external associate December, 2021.


SpecialityChartered Psychologist